International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

AlivEducation provides educational services to children living in the National Capital Region(NCR). Through its services and innovate programs, already performing students can excel further in their education. AlivEducational services can also act as a way for other less performing students to increase their own abilities and get a new educational direction.

AlivEducation since 2005 has been providing educational services to students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 for both English and French Immersion across communities in the NCR. We are a team of certified and experienced teachers with working knowledge of teaching in Ottawa’s schools and universities.

AlivEducation is based upon the educational principle where our group of educators tries to understand the learning needs of the students. They believe in the principle that teaching is most effective when it looks to address the needs of the student. AlivEducation is founded upon the objective of providing opportunities for everyone regardless of backgrounds, skill sets, and challenges to be successful learners.

A New Way to Foster Student Excellence

AlivEducation model empowers students with an aim that is more than just improving their academic results. It is geared towards the overall development of the students that will make them better learners for tomorrow. Our curriculum not just focuses on in class learning but additional materials that nurtures students problem solving, critical thinking, analysis, and lifelong learning skills. Our process applies these five strategies to empower learning:

Every child is born with unlimited potential. To unleash the talent, it is important that the light is ignited inside your child’s mind.Among other programs, AlivEducation International Baccalaureate Preparatory course is one that can turn the light inside your child’s mind.
Through our programs students will develop the desire to learn.
Students will receive support to built on their strengths and their specific needs and goals would be attained.
Students will develop the aptitude to monitor their own thinking
Students will obtain curriculum information and attain skills and capacities
Students will learn how to apply their thinking and problem solving skills and generate creative ideas in their work