“Transform your child’s talents to an admission into International Baccalaureate”.


AlivEducation IB Entrance Exam Prep.Your child is a genius and a potential scientist for the upcoming planetary civilization. This civilization is going to create the ocean of opportunities for your child. But the success of your child begins with the exploration of “knowing the unknown, seeing the unseen and conquer the unconquered”,the prerequisite of which is the strong foundation of language and math skills. Aiming for admission into IB program is the best way to achieve that goal.  AIB (AlivEducation IB preparatory program) is the pathways for AIB (Admission into International Baccalaureate).

By being the student of International Baccalaureate program, your child will have ample opportunities to get ready to become the best in his or her chosen career destination.
This year, our intensive IB Entrance test (CAT) preparation course for students in grades 8 and 9 will be starting from October 7th 2020.
Here are the course details (Full Schedule will be available by September 30th 2020):
⏩Duration of the course- 48 hours (Recommended)
⏩ Minimum 36 hours
Subjects- English and Mathematics
⏩Weekly Classes- Two 120 minutes sessions from (6-00 to 8-00) PM/week
⏩Our qualified and IB experienced Teachers will be teaching online to a group of maximum 6 students/session
Students will have the access to e-learning portal where 100+ lessons and practice tests will be available to practice Math and English. Let your child Join AlivEducation IB Entrance Exam Prep.

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AlivEducation really helped my son. I’m so happy with his recent results. He hasn’t only improved his overall academic performances from D and C to B and A’s but he is a much happier boy now. Without hesitation, I’d recommend any parents to take advantage of AlivEducation Services.

Elenita – Single mom of a Junior High School Student


“AlivEducation was very helpful in Abhi’s preparation for IB school, right from the application process to
examination. Within days he was able to grasp new subjects quickly through AlivEducation’s help and
guidance. Teachers are well prepared to teach and were able to help solve any questions students had.
Guidance councilors have years of experience in IB processes. Abhi strongly recommends AlivEducation
for anybody who wants help with IB and any extra help with learning.” – Abhi Papala.

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