About Us

AlivEducation provides educational services to children living in the National Capital Region(NCR). Through its services and innovate programs, already performing students can excel further in their education. AlivEducational services can also act as a way for other less performing students to increase their own abilities and get a new educational direction. AlivEducation since 2005 has been providing educational services to students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 for both English and French Immersion across communities in the NCR. Our educators are certified teachers with years of experience teaching to students in schools across Ottawa.

AlivEducation is based upon the educational principle where our group of educators tries to understand the learning needs of the students. They believe in the principle that teaching is most effective when it looks to address the needs of the student. AlivEducation is founded upon the objective of providing opportunities for everyone regardless of backgrounds, skill sets, and challenges to be successful learners.

Our Services

AlivEducation a new way to Foster Student Excellence

Our Teachers

AlivEducation really helped my son. I’m so happy with his recent results. He hasn’t only improved his overall academic performances from D and C to B and A’s but he is a much happier boy now. Without hesitation, I’d recommend any parents to take advantage of AlivEducation Services.

Elenita – Single mom of a Junior High School Student