How We Implement our Model​


How We Implement our Model​

We believe that the abundance of information in today’s digital world often hinders focus on inner needs. Therefore, by embracing the concept “Small is Beautiful”, (E. F Schumacher), we prioritize three powerful educational modules under AlivEducation’s MCE Model: Motivation, Communication, and Exploration. We use a Right Triangle as above to demonstrate the functions of our Model.  


The base of the triangle symbolizes education’s purpose, the wellspring of motivation for learning and sharing. Here we focus on students’ overall wellness, nurturing self-esteem, organizational skills, empathy, imagination, and mindfulness.


The Vertical side of the Triangle represents Communication Skills which are crucial for anyone to become successful in the 21st century’s complex and interconnected world. With this in mind, we equip our students with reading, writing, comprehension and visualization activities.


We associate “Opportunities of All Times” with the longest side of the triangle symbolizing exploration and experimentation, especially within the “Conceptual Age”. The concept forms the basis for our approach to instruct students, where we guide them in focusing their efforts and utilizing Mathematics and Science as robust and dependable tools for investigating the unknown and uncovering the undiscovered.