Message from the Founder & Principal

Message from the Founder & Principal

The Story Behind the Formation of AlivEducation

About half a century ago, during my school years, I was fortunate to have some exceptional teachers who left a lasting impact on my life. In grade 7, Mr. Jagadish, my English teacher, shared a profound insight. With his engaging body language, he conveyed the idea that human beings are rational animals. His passionate delivery of this message captured my enthusiastic attention and sparked my curiosity. In grade 10, our Assistant Headmaster, who taught English Literature introduced us to the teachings of the great philosopher Socrates. He emphasized Socrates’ timeless wisdom encapsulated in the words. « Know Thyself ». Socrates believed that the ultimate goal of human life was to achieve virtue and wisdom.
During my university years, I embarked on a rigorous academic journey, delving into various courses, including higher Mathematics as an engineering student. Among these courses, the Linear Algebra course stood out, captivating my attention with its intriguing concepts such as « Basis », «Linear Operator », and « Vector Space ''.

The very names of these concepts held a promise of profound meaning, yet my enthusiasm was left untapped. Unfortunately, our professor, constrained by time, couldn’t fully unveil the true beauty and real-life relevance of these Mathematical Ideas. As a result, my initial fascination remained unfulfilled, leaving me yearning for a deeper understanding.

After completing my formal education, I started working in a field somewhat related to my academic background, I realized that I was spending my time on something that lacked personal fulfilment. I decided to pursue my lifelong passion and love for education. It was during this period when my passion in education deepened, driven by a desire to find answers to the questions I had as a student.

Reflecting on my school and university experiences, I grappled with a fundamental question : where do we apply the myriad theories and formulas we spend countless sleepless nights mastering ? It became clear that, despite the genuine passion of many teachers to impart a deeper understanding of their subjects, time constraints often forced them to rush through course content.

I often pondered how meaningful and beneficial it would have been if my teachers, like Mr. Jagadish and our Assistant Headmaster, had been granted more time to delve into the profound concepts they introduced. Could extended discussions on the essence of rationality or the teachings of great philosophers have ignited our enthusiasm and wisdom as young learners? Similarly, I envisioned a more engaging learning experience if our university professors had the time to lead us into the depths of subjects like Linear Algebra and its practical applications.

I firmly believed that every teacher, regardless of their area of expertise, should share insights about the overarching purpose of education and its real-world relevance in each lesson. Ultimately, the pursuit of knowledge should aim for the common good of humanity, a sentiment echoed by theoretical physicist Prof. Neil Turok, who viewed science and humanity as interconnected facets of the same coin.

In 2003, fueled by this vision and joined by passionate educators like Special Education Specialist Cheryl Willet, my school friend, and a dedicated humanitarian, Dr. Manash Das, a renowned physician at Maryland University, USA, Former Principal of Ottawa Carleton District School Board Lynda Brooks, Prof. Emeritus N. U. Ahmed (University of Ottawa), Founder of Career Station Barb Booth, and Architect Shameem Aminur Rahman, we united to work towards a shared vision. It was during this time that we collectively recognized the need for a transformation in education and felt compelled to contribute. Our journey began in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa, laying the foundation for what would become AlivEducation.