Our Educational Approach

Our Educational Approach is designed with an extensive focus on developing students mathematical and language skills. We believe that strong numerical and language skills (both English & French) are central components for their success in academics.

Key benefits of our program

Tailored study materials for all levels

AlivEducation uses a systematic curriculum that is divided into various levels according to students’ grades and abilities. This gives students the ability to master their skills and gather concepts in a progressive manner.

Study materials develop students’ capacity to independently solve problems

Students in our programs are given the opportunity to work on concepts covered in the class in the form of worksheets which they solve independently. Students as a result are able to solve questions that are presented as variations to similar concepts. Our Educational Approach programs are also helpful for applying their knowledge in other areas.

We follow a teaching method that relies on proactive feedback

Students receive continuous feedback from our group of educators to enhance their learning process. Educators maintain a strong working relationship with parents to maximize the feedback process. We maintain and create a positive environment that makes learning optimal as well as enjoying for the students. In this process, our educators strive to create a personal relationship with the students.

AlivEducation help students with their critical thinking and analytical skills

The manner in which our programs are designed allows students to continuously build on their critical thinking and analytical abilities. Students are exposed to materials that require depth perception of concepts, and ability to form spatial relationships in order to solve the problems. We also provide students the scope to works on projects that deal with a real world problem. In this way they can learn to apply their understanding of the issue and be creative. Difficulty and questions variations are introduced systematically throughout all levels.

Our programs help students with the learning process and close the gap

AlivEducation curriculum is designed keeping in mind the materials covered in the schools. Therefore students are able to benefit from it as our materials act as a medium to complement their learning in the schools. Our programs helps the students to close the gap as through it they are able to improve their understanding, achieve the desired results, and better connect with the learning process.