Our Educational Advisors

Dr. N.U. Ahmed

Dr. N.U. Ahmed

Professor Emeritus
Chair of the Board

Dr. N.U Ahmed has been with the School of EECS since 1968 and as a full professor since 1976. He was the Chairman of the department during 1989-1992.  He had a joint appointment with the department of Mathematics. He has graduated more than 35 M.Sc  and 25 Ph.D.  students.  Professor Ahmed is an author of 8 graduate and post graduate level books which are known to specialists around the world. They cover systems governed by ordinary differential equations, integro-differential equations, partial differential equations, stochastic differential equations  and abstract differential equations on Banach spaces etc. His research level books are widely studied by specialists.

Professor Isaac Goodine

Senior Advisor
Strategic Planning and Motivation

Mr. Isaac Thomas Goodine shares a wealth of international experience in intercultural education,training and research. He has contributed to the globalization of education by over thirty years of practical experience at the leading edge of human resource and institutional development including in-depth knowledge of about seventy countries. His main fields of work include the planning and delivery of staff development programs designed to incorporate technical education and vocational training projects into economic development programs.We are proud to get him as one of Our educational advisors.

Lee Wallace

Professor Lee Wallace

Senior Advisor
Career and Leadership

As a career consultant, leadership coach, counsellor, and educator, Lee Wallance focuses on helping people make effective decisions on issues in their lives and work (their “Careers”). The emphasis is always on “What’s important” to you, the client. How do you understand yourself and your purpose? Being true to yourself, being authentic, is the key to loving and excelling in your work, and staying on purpose in your life. Once you make the decision, attention shifts to taking the action that will produce the results you want. Identifying and getting past any obstacles is essential to the action phase, but the focus is more on your vision for the future and your strengths. That’s where your energy lies. 

Dr. Manosh

Dr. Manash Kanti Das

Senior Advisor
Career and Motivation

Dr. Manash Kanti’s life began in a remote under-privileged village in Bangladesh. When he was in 9th grade, he left home to study science. Since then he has been hunting for the power that knowledge and understanding brings. Manash believes that revolutionary changes in education systems worldwide would help to open up the world of education for everyone, irrespective of their socioeconomic background, ethnicity, religion or race. This dream has inspired him—he has faced all struggles independently from his early age. He attained his medical degree in Bangladesh and was involved in different pro-people organizations during his student life.

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