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AlivEducation Personalized Academic Coaching Program (APAC)

By Dr. Monjur Chowdhury
AlivEducation Personalized Academic Coaching Program (APAC) AlivEducation Personalized Academic Coaching Program (APAC)
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Program Overview:

APAC is a comprehensive coaching program, offering three specialized courses to enhance students' academic excellence

Self-Mastery and Motivation:

  • Purpose-Driven Learning: This foundational course empowers students to define the purpose of their educational journey, the wellspring of motivation.
  • Goal Achievement Techniques: We equip students with effective strategies and techniques to turn aspirations into attainable goals.

Language Arts:

  • Language Proficiency: Our Language Arts course focuses on Reading and Writing Comprehension, Vocabulary Development, Grammar Instructions, and Essay Writing Skills.

Foundational Mathematics:

  • Critical Thinking: Develop critical thinking skills, essential in the 21st century's conceptual age.
  • Problem Solving: Lay a strong foundation in problem-solving techniques.
  • Mathematical Reasoning: Cultivate mathematical reasoning skills, vital for success in higher-level math and other academic courses.

Who Can Benefit:

This program caters to two groups: a) Students entering grades 4-5 and 6 in any Canadian province. b) Students entering grades 7, 8, and 9 in any Canadian province.

Delivery Model:

We offer both in-person and virtual delivery options. Our experienced educators lead group sessions with a maximum of five students each. The program spans 90 hours, integrating Self-Mastery and Motivation into every class while providing separate sessions for Language Arts (English) and Mathematics. Each subject has two 90-minute sessions per week, with recommended homework assignments to reinforce learning.

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Date : September 12, 2023 Language : English

Meet Your Teacher

Dr. Monjur Chowdhury is an educationist, an Ontario Certified teacher, an Electrical Power System Engineer and a socio-economic Researcher. He is a strategic developer with a passion for implementing a quality educational model that would serve underprivileged school-aged children all over the world. He has more than 20 years of experiences in managing cross-functional and cross-cultural teams. He has been successful in building strategic partnerships and global networks for internationalization of quality education and research in technology.

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Foundational Mathematics

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