In the year 2019, we have been successful in establishing some of our goals as educators in the society and we look forward to building on this in 2020. Without our motivated students and their wonderful parents this would not have been possible. Thank you for being with AlivEducation and we look forward to serving you even more with exciting opportunities and programs in the year ahead.

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AlivEducation is A New Way to Foster Student Excellence

Every child is born with unlimited potential. To unleash the talent, it is important that the light is ignited inside your child’s mind. Among other programs, AlivEducation Intensive courses  can turn the light inside your child’s mind. Contact Aliveducation on phone to get more details.

Our qualified and  experienced Teachers will be teaching online to a group of maximum 6 students/session.Enquiry AlivEducation

Students will have the access to e-learning portal where 100+ lessons and practice tests will be available to practice Math and English.


Contact AlivEducation to get extra practice and training for students to be prepared for the exam. Get ready to become the best in child’s career destination.

This year, our intensive IB Entrance test (CAT) preparation course for students in grades 8 and 9 will be starting from October 7th 2020.

Here are the course details (Full Schedule will be available by September 30th 2020):

  • Duration of the course- 48 hours (Recommended), Minimum 36 hours
  • Subjects- English and Mathematics
  • Weekly Classes- Two 120 minutes sessions from (6-00 to 8-00) PM/week

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