AlivE Premium Educational Program


What can you expect to achieve from our program

  • Focuses on developing children’s English, Science, and Math skills. This could also involve preparing for EQA Testing and IB admission.
  • One and one session with the students. Teacher will specifically work to improve areas where your child requires maximum guidance.
  • Programs are designed to enhance the self-motivation, improve their critical thinking, and individualized problem solving skills on specific subject matter
  • Our teacher will work and develop strategies that will improve your child’s grade in the class and help them succeed in competitive exams.



Expectations from the students and parents

  • A strong emphasis is given on assignments which the students are required to complete
  • Students may be required to participate at least an hour online via Skype with the teacher during the week
  • Students have the choice of availing this service based on the number of sessions that they or their parents feel will be necessary


Costs and other requirements

  •  A registration to minimum of one session is required. Contact us for pricing information.
  • Each session is offered for 2 hours. Number of session required can be determined based upon the needs of the student
  • Students have the option of availing this service from their home. In this case we will ask our teacher to visit them in their home.