AlivEducation Basic program

What can you expect to achieve from our program

  • Focuses on developing children’s English (reading, writing), and Math skills.
  • One certified teacher will work with at least 2 assistant teachers to support your child in clarifying their concepts, completing the work sheets, and other assignments. The size of the students group can vary.
  • Our programs are specifically designed to enhance the self-motivation of your child and contribute to the overall improvement in academic performance
  • Our teachers continuously work with your child to improve their grades.
  • Provide guidance to complete the homework*.


Expectations from the Students and Parents

  • Students need to be present on time for the classes.
  • It is recommended that registration is made for the full session. This gives our team the scope to develop a comprehensive progress plan for the students.
  • Additional work will be assigned through homework.


Costs and other requirements

  • We will be offering this service at $15 per hour inclusive of taxes.
  • Location of the service will be Overbrook Community Centre. Please note as of now this service is only available at the specified location.
  • Special discount of 20% for the registration of the Siblings.
  • Each session is for 5 hrs with 2 sessions every week. The timings are Monday 6.00pm-7.30pm and Thursday 6.00pm-7.30pm.