AlivEducation a new way to Foster Student Excellence

“Dream of possibilities, believe in your capabilities, achieve your goals”

AlivEducation International Baccalaureate Preparation

Message from the Founder & Principal

The Story Behind the Formation of AlivEducation
About half a century ago, during my school years, I was fortunate to have some exceptional teachers who left a lasting impact on my life. In grade 7, Mr. Jagadish, my English teacher, shared a profound insight. With his engaging body language, he conveyed the idea that human beings are rational animals. His passionate delivery of this message captured my enthusiastic attention and sparked my curiosity. In grade 10, our Assistant Headmaster, who taught English Literature introduced us to the teachings of the great philosopher Socrates. He emphasized Socrates’ timeless wisdom encapsulated in the words.

Why Choose Us?

Choose AlivEducation to:

At AlivEducation, we provide a learning platform where students take pride in their achievements. Our proven success stories inspire and guarantee accomplishments. Our programs are led by Ontario Certified and Experienced Educators, ensuring a top-notch education. Additionally, our modules are thoughtfully organized by topic, allowing for focused enhancement, whether with or without instructors.


How We Implement our Model

We believe that the abundance of information in today’s digital world often hinders focus on inner needs. Therefore, by embracing the concept “Small is Beautiful”, (E. F Schumacher), we prioritize three powerful educational modules under AlivEducation’s MCE Model: Motivation, Communication, and Exploration. We use a Right Triangle as above to demonstrate the functions of our Model.  

The base of the triangle symbolizes education’s purpose, the wellspring of motivation for learning and sharing. Here we focus on students’ overall wellness, nurturing self-esteem, organizational skills, empathy, imagination, and mindfulness.

Our Vision

At AlivEducation, we hold a visionary perspective aimed at crafting an educational paradigm of unprecedented transformation—one that transcends the confines of tradition. Our aspiration is to nurture a global environment where education seamlessly evolves in consonance with the dynamic ‘Conceptual Age.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to redefine education with an inside-out approach that goes beyond imparting knowledge. We believe in unlocking the hidden potential within each student and nurturing their innate strengths and abilities. We are dedicated to cultivating an environment that ensures justice, equality, and humility.

Our Team of Educators

Rhonda Johnson

Head, Department of

Mathematics & Science

Dr. Rashida Suleman

Head, Department of English & IB Program

Dr. Nasrin Khan

Science Teaching Advisor &

Chemistry Teacher

Yanik Muller

Teacher & Curriculum Design

(Personal Development)

Mr. Shahid Basher 

Math & Science